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Electronic Press Kit

Danish death metal act LIVLØS continue to deliver a hard-hitting mix between heavy grooves and melancholic melodies, deeply rooted in both the American and Scandinavian metal traditions.

The band recently returned from their first extensive international tour and are showing no signs of slowing down! With a new album on the way, LIVLØS’ energetic live show can be seen on tour later this year, including their second show at the prestigious COPENHELL festival.

Since the release of their deeply personal debut album “Into Beyond” (2018), which depicted a band in a time of heavy personal struggle, they have continued to grow – which is evident in both songwriting and technical prowess.

Their second album “And Then There Were None” (2021), released by Napalm Records, immediately sounded darker and more ambitious which resonated with fans and critics alike, securing their second nomination by GAFFA (main music magazine in Denmark) for ‘Danish Hard Rock/Metal Release of the Year’.

The band just finished recording their third album and promises a worthy successor in all aspects!

“These tracks all push the boundaries of our capabilities, while creating a dynamic universe of brutality, melancholy and despair. We have also welcomed a new brother into our ranks shaking things up (literally) as we continuously strive to perfect the sound that defines us as a band. This album will be the pinnacle of our work thus far!”



  • Confirmed for COPENHELL 2023 on the second largest stage HADES


  • Playing Inferno Metal Festival Norway 2022
  • European tour “Napalm Over Europe” (22 shows across 8 countries) with Konvent and Implore
  • DK headliner tour (10 shows) in support of the album “And Then There Were None”
  • Performing live at the award show GAFFA-Prisen 2022 (Denmark’s largest music magazine)
  • Nominated for ‘Best Danish Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year’ at GAFFA-Prisen 2022


  • Sold-out (600 cap.) headliner show at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
  • Playing Tallinn Music Week 2021


  • Playing Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020 (biggest showcase festival of Europe)


  • Playing COPENHELL Metal Cruise 2019
  • Supporting Arch Enemy at VoxHall, Aarhus
  • Nominated for ‘Best Danish Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year’ at GAFFA-Prisen 2019
  • DK tour (11 shows) as main support for Hatesphere


  • Playing COPENHELL 2018 on the second largest stage HADES
  • Playing SPOT Festival 2018


And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Album (2021)
Napalm Records
Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin

Single (2019)
Into Beyond

Into Beyond

Album (2018)


EP (2016)


Music Videos

Music video for “And Then There Were None” released in 2021.
Music video for “The Purest Black” released in 2021.

Live Performances

Live at the Danish award show GAFFA-Prisen 2022.
Sold-out headliner show at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen in 2021.


Press Quotes

“The weekend’s true highlight comes in the form of a death metal show held by Aarhus group LIVLØS.”
Metal Hammer UK at SPOT Festival 2019
"All in all, one of the most diverse albums in the field of melodic death metal, which can climb onto the podium next to the current At The Gates. Definitely check it out, strong disc by the Danes!"
Legacy Magazine
"In vocalist Niklas Lykke they have a real star; he's excellent throughout, but especially on the bruising Seize The Night. Livløs aren't yet the finished article, but they're heading that way."
Metal Hammer UK
"Great riffs, throat shredding vocals, punishing heaviness and finely crafted melodies - Livløs have them all. In my humble opinion this tears to shreds certain other big name recent releases in the same ball park. Successfully combining a classic approach and a fierce, modern delivery, Livløs have pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as this much loved style goes."
Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine
"From the time we are caught off guard by the brutal beginning of the title track to the last track on And Then There Were None, the Aarhusian death metallers are very close to hitting the bullseye."
“Melodic death metal doesn't really get to spend much time in the spotlight these days, so getting to hear Livlos' very engaging take on the genre makes for a rather refreshing experience – the album is as tightly-packed as it gets, and singer Niklas Lykke's penetrating vocals make it hit even harder.”
Ultimate Guitar
“It was one of those concerts that really caught my attention. I’ll keep a close eye on them in the future.”
Sort Søndag, DR P6 BEAT (National Radio)
“LIVLØS once again impress and deliver a show which many of the genre’s bigger names can only dream of.”



Mathias Binder / PDH Music (Live Nation)


Thomas Dannemand