LIVLØS plays aggressive melodic death metal inspired by the renowned Gothenburg Sound and American traditions. A dynamic mix of fast-paced riffing, heavy grooves and melancholic melodies.

In the wake of a well-received debut EP in 2016, LIVLØS has in a short amount of time marked themselves as a strong and promising act on the Danish metal scene. The band has become infamous and noticed by their intense, hard-hitting sound and highenergetic, charismatic live performances.

”I am convinced that LIVLØS has international potential, and I would not be surprised if this is a band that will be released on the big metal scene soon.” – Poplish.

The band has played a wide range of shows and prominent Danish festivals such as SPOT Festival, UHØRT Festival and Aalborg Metal Festival, and has supported bands like Blood Red Throne, Helhorse among others. In February 2018, LIVLØS will be direct support for Danish metal heavyweights, Hatesphere.

LIVLØS is set to release their debut album “Into Beyond” on February 2, 2018. An album that will showcase the band’s darkest, most ambitious, focused and comprehensive work yet.

The lifeless have awakened from the dead and has come to stay!

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